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Angel Lola-Luv


Real Name: Angel Fershgenet / Angel Melaku

Nicknames: “Lola Luv”

Birth Date: Oct, 1986

Birth Place: Ethiopia

Height: 5’5’

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Measurements: 34C, 22, 40

What successful person do you admire? Why?vixens171_angel_aka_lola_luv

There are a few successful people I admire but I most admire Kimora Simmons, because she started off from being a runway model to a very respectable business woman.

Which do you prefer, a corporate thug who lives by his wit and knowledge or a safe 40hr/wk career minded guy?

Although a corporate thug is like the best of both worlds I can still deal with a 40hr/wk career minded guy but the 40 hours per week have to add up to the right number. (laughs)

Do you watch sports? If so, favorite team and why?

I have never really been the type to watch sports but I have sparked up an interest for basketball. My favorite team is the Wizards, only because they represent Washington DC. (laughs)

What kind of advice do you have for newcomers in the game?

My advice for newcomers in the game is to make sure you have the right team behind you. Picking the right management team is a very important thing. It will not benefit you to have all ‘yes’ people around you. You have to always strive for more. Be confident in your success and stay determined and hungry.

Can you give our readers a rundown of your rise to the game?

About 2 years ago my management team Mike Styles and Michelle Vieyra built a relationship with 50 Cent and G-Unit. Mike and Michelle then took me up to the G-Unit office in New York City and introduced me to Fif (50 Cent) during a business meeting they were having with him. After Fif and I had a conversation that day he sparked an interest in wanting to help me in my career. He gave me a leading role in the next 3 G-Unit videos that were coming out which were Lloyd Banks “Hands Up”, Lloyd Banks “Cake” and Young Buck’s “I Know You Want Me”. Sandy, the owner of Smooth magazine put me on the cover of Smooth as “50 Cent’s Hottest New Protege”. In the beginning of my career I.B. Concept magazine was the first publication to put me on the cover. I then was featured on covers of many urban publications such as Smooth magazine, Black Men magazine which I also had 2 tribute issues with, and Hustlenomics magazine. I was featured in XXL magazine as eye candy of the month and eye candy of the year 2 times in a row. I also was recently featured in Vibe magazine. I’ve also had leading roles in videos along side artists such as Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Young Jeezy, Trey Songz, 50 Cent, and Kanye West. I then started to look at scripts that were being sent to my manager Michelle V. We turned down a few of them because the roles they had in mind for me were not the direction we wanted to take my career. I played in the Wendy Williams movie “Queen of Media” as her husband’s mistress. After that I took on a movie which is my first starring role called, “Crazy Like A Fox”. You can see the trailer at Currently I am working on a couple different entertainment and business ventures.

Lola3Do other models try to throw hate on you? If so how do you deal with it?

When you are doing something with yourself whether you are in the lime light or living a regular life you are always going to have people hate on you. I haven’t come across it with models but I’m pretty sure it goes on behind my back. I would know who is saying what so that keeps me from handling it in a different way. Aside from that, the hating that I do hear about me keeps me going. I love it. I guess certain people are so weak minded that they can’t take when someone is trying to better themselves and situation while using their talent or beauty. At the end of the day, you question what’s wrong with them instead of who they are hating on.

In this industry we meet a lot of models who claim they are represented by multiple agencies and management teams, often at the same time. Some even represent themselves to varying degrees success. You’ve been with Style Entertainment since the start. Have they enhanced your career and what do you feel is the advantage?

I have been with Style Entertainment since the start of my career they are my mother agency. It is very hard to find a good agency and management team in this industry but I believe that it is a necessity. Style Entertainment has been a backbone for my career. I don’t agree with not having a management team. As a talent, you need that, especially as your career rises. Especially as a new talent. You don’t know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the industry and any wrong move or choice you make from movie roles to photo shoots to picking and choosing who to work with can be the reason you’re held back. That’s where your manager comes in to help you make choices that are in your favor. Major clients you would want to work with who cut the big checks pay attention to good representation. Having multiple management teams is not a good look and it causes a lot of conflict for you especially when contracts come into place. Style Entertainment is my mother agency. My manager Michelle and I make choices together on agencies and agents we want to work with for my acting career versus me having multiple agencies to jump around with. Once again, it’s important to have one strong good team in order to make the right choices.

When we shot you for our cover, a couple of years ago, you were known to the world as Fershgenet AKA Lola? Now the world knows Angel Lola Luv, why the name change?

There actually wasn’t a name change. Angel, Fershgenet, and Lola were 3 different names I went by. So people just chose what they wanted to call me. But it got to the point where it was getting confusing to my career and I had to come up with a stage name. I chose Angel Lola Luv, which I really love.

Everyone knows you’ve got a crazy body. Do you do anything to keep in shape? Do you eat right or is it all in the genes?

I have never really been the working out type, but I recently started going to the gym and working out with my trainer.Lola

You’ve been modeling for a relatively short time, yet you’ve had a meteoric rise to the top. How do you account for it? Luck, skill, fate, or a carefully laid out plan?

I have to say all of it because knowing your next move comes from having a carefully laid out plan and you have to have some kind of skill or talent. Being just beautiful or pretty won’t cut it, you have to know how to work it the right way. Sometimes it might take a while for some to rise but, sometimes it might just be your time and your rise might be quicker. It’s not always based on how good you look.

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