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Summer Walker
Summer2You may not recognize her full name in print, Summer Patrice Scalisi Walker, but the sound of her first name “Summer” will definately help jog your thoughts…you’ve seen her in videos with Kanye West & Jamie Foxx, Dem Franchize Boyz, Nelly, Chris Brown & T.I. to name a few, but NOT by any means does that define Summer Walker. A self-proclaimed “Underdog” Summer has her sights set higher than those of Music videos, magazine layouts or other features by “predicting” her own future.  Catch Summer around the  NY, MIA, H-Town, ATL or a Magazine or television near you.  Understand she is much more than her beauty and her body speaks…mentally she is so much further than her 23 yrs show.  “Off the market” she knows exactly what she wants in a man…and knows how to take care of him, cooking  breakfast for him daily…”Google” Summer Walker, then you’ll know everything about her huh? Guess again…after catching up with her for this interview one thing we realized is that Google dosen’t hit every avenue of Summer Walker; like here relationship advice or her passion for inspiring young people…”I make my intelligence known not through just my words but through my actions”…Lets see what else she had in mind

Age: 23

Hometown: Beaumont,TX

Measurements and Height: 36DDD-24-39

What’s Your Sign? Libra

What part of your body do you like the least and why?

I love everything about myself because I have been blessed. It is NOT easy at all keeping myself in great shape so that when I call myself a model I’m not just wanting to be one, I AM the epitome and definition of it. A lot of women think they have to change or add or surgically take away. Working out and eating healthy helps you learn how to discipline yourself. If you do decide to get some work done be sure to do it for YOU, not because you think it will make you famous. Because at the end of the day models come and models go and the ones that are left standing are still here because of their hard work and dedication by attacking every obstacle and paving new roadways of opportunity even when others told them they wouldn’t excel. Ex: Tyra Banks

Your ideal man looks like, acts like, and sounds like?

My ideal man looks like confidence, acts like a scholar, sounds like  brutal honesty, feels like a winner and visually satisfies even my deepest desired fantasies. Need I say more?

Are you single?

Single? No I’m not single, but I’m not defined by my relationship, I’m defined by my drive and accomplishments. My relationship accents my “want” for love and security, and also keeps me even more driven from his concern for my safety and road to success.

What’s the worst thing about being in this industry and trying to date at the same time?

I think the worst thing about this industry is that you can never be too sure about why or who truly loves you for you. Dating is different in this world when sometimes people may want to date you for the wrong  reasons. You don’t want someone who defines there relationship by your success level or the way you dress when there are lights, camera action. You want someone who thinks you are the sexiest when you wake up in the morning regardless if your hair is all over your head or your breathe may not be the sweetest. You want someone who sometimes just smiles when they look at you, or send you little messages throughout the day to let you know they are thinking about you. Someone that will give you the best advice for YOU, not what THEY think you should do. You have to be a friend before a true lover. Most people would have said the worst thing is that people are always in your business, but you knew before you got in this game that your life and decisions would be put under scrutiny. I think if you stay brutally honest and always treat someone like you want to be treated, then problems will never become unwanted repetitive headaches and you can focus on just being happy.

How long have you been in the modeling business?Summer1

4 wonderful life changing years.

How important is it to separate your career and your friends to have a balance in life?

I think that in life finding a balance is a must in all your endeavors. When it comes to friends or lovers when dealing with this career choice you have to screen a little closer to make sure that they are there for you. I think that because you never know sometimes why people are in your vicinity you need to have friends around you that compliment you. They may not be just like you, but they help you become and shape intoa better person and bring positivity to the table. With anything in life you should always be safe, don’t think negatively but remember that disappointment can come from anyone or any situation; but the only thing you can keep consistent is what you learn from those situations.

What do you look to gain from the Modeling Industry?

I have gained a lot more out of this situation than I could have ever  imagined. Life is a process of learning, accepting and reviving positivity day in and day out. Its funny how when I was in high school I was so unsure of myself and always found everything wrong with me andmy image. I wanted to be the “popular” or “sought after” girl in school. The prom queen that smile lights up every room and was a great role model for the younger girls like myself.  Little did I know that it was a lack of loving myself and semi needing the acceptance of others. Now I know who I am, what I love and where I want to go in life while never needing anyone’s opinion to weigh out my optional plans. I think the way my story panned out is beautiful. I knew how it felt to be low, depressed, alone and without at a young age and that made me see that everything doesn’t just “come together” you have to work hard and IF you want to change you can make that change. I believe that you can’t relive the past or predict the future so always live for today.

You’ve been in numerous Hip Hop Videos with Kanye West & Jamie Foxx, Dem Franchize Boyz, Nelly, Chris Brown & T.I. to name a few how did you go about landing those gigs ?

The only thing that I did is remain myself. Always said to myself to remain humble and just be Summer Walker at all times. If you were to ask an of the artists that I got a chance to work with like David Banner, Snoop, Kanye or even the directors I always keep it light and funny on set. I joke around a lot and help out where help is needed whether it’s hanging up clothing or helping make sure the makeup artist/hair stylist don’t need an extra hand with food/drinks. I do see myself as talent but I’m not above anyone on that set. Its a process when you get on set and the more everyone lends a helping hand the smoother and easier things go onset. So for all the women that are models or inspiring models never say you want to “BE” like any other model. Recognize your greatest attributes and ask yourself how you can bring something more positive to the industry as yourself not as another model. That is what attracts these artists and directors to you, originality and not spreading yourself thin keeps them wanting you. Plus it has a lot to do with timing and what is “IN” as far as models. You are viewed as a “fantasy” so when you spread yourself thin or are too accessible you run the chance of becoming undesired.

For young females that are aspiring to be in videos after reading his interview may say hey “I really want to be like Summer Walker, she’s in everybody’s videos” what advice would you give a young lady seeing you and wanting to be like you?

Like I said before I would tell them to find themselves and never look  to be “like” someone else. There cannot be another Esther Baxter, Buffie the Body, Angel, Melyssa Ford or Vida Guerra. They have made their marks on the industry, but there is always room for new women to come and set better standards or worse realistically.

What are some of things you have been featured in or would like to be featured in?

I have been featured in A LOT lol so I will just say “google me” but not in a “bi*ch imma star” way! Lol. I would like to be featured in more mainstream magazines like FHM or Maxim and maybe Playboy one day. Movies of COURSE! Basically whatever I’m blessed to accomplish and experience as a positive attribute to my resume is a beautiful thing.

What are your Life Aspirations since you’ve experienced the videos, magazine layouts and other things most models dream of?

That is a great question. The industry has definitely given me a broader view of how I want my direction to go with my life. I have raced through the hills of Hawaii on a moped, laid up on the beaches of Miami and built snowmen in Toronto for the winter. I have experienced so much and I have so much more to experience. It has given me a greater appreciation for the blessings I have been so wonderfully chosen to view, taste, touch and smell. It has shown me to never give up on my dreams because dreams are just plans with needed stepping stones. Yes I have had my downfalls and negative moments but they have made me look more forward and cherish the positive moments. One thing I will tell my men & women of this generation is to never rush anything that is meant to be chewed before swallowed. Meaning patience with relationships, jobs and friendships. Relationships are to start as friendships if not how do you expect to last? Loving his money, looks and the way he steadily is “lovin” you will only last till the truth sets in that you don’t know anything about him. Don’t settle when it comes to love because when you do you are stopping that person from finding their soul-mate as well, I think that’s why we have so many problems as a society. When you actually LOVE your relationship NOT just the person it makes life even more worth living. Men stop playing women, for what? For your ego to be stroked and feeling “cool” for a couple of days? Everytime you hurt a woman you loose sight of what a “real” healthy relationship consists of and even wonder if its attainable. Women stop looking for the man that is continuously sought after, if you can’t bring just as much to the table either step your game up or don’t even try. I want to just take my knowledge and stretch it to the max everyday for the rest of my natural life, that is all I wish to experience.

SummerWhat sets you aside from any other model?

I think that I’m more of an underdog, I think that even though I have a nice resume that I never really have gotten the chance to express what I would love to bring to this industry with enough public press. But what sets me aside is that I’m not bitter or feeling sorry for myself. I would rather longevity instead of instant fame lasting a maximum of 3 years. I take that as a way to steadily grow and learn from my surroundings and getting ready for my time to shine beyond anything I’ve ever been blessed to go through. I think that a lot of models miss the point of magazines and etc. Magazines are to sell your products, get work, have a website for future jobs. Not just so you can “brag”. That is what they don’t get, you were in a video? Great! So is over 300  other women so what makes you different? Rappers are flirting with you? Great! But have you considered why? Or how many women came before and WILL come after you? I mean anyone would holler at a chic walking around in boy shirts and a bikini top in the middle of December. I make my intelligence known not through just my words but through my actions, body language and overall persona.  I don’t mind being type casted  because I know why I’m here, and no one can ever tell me otherwise. We are here to shine and leave our mark and however I want to do it I will, and that alone makes me proud of the person I have become.

Take us through a day of Summer Walker:

Haha! Okay lets see. I wake up around 8 and make my man breakfast. Some eggs, turkey bacon, bagel, freshly squeezed orange juice and cut up  fruit bowl. (I keep it healthy) I go to the gym then run errands while checking my email for prospective jobs and speaking with my agent and
marketing director. I go out of town a lot, sometimes I go with my dude when he has gigs outside of ATL. I mean my days are pretty random but  what I do everyday is make sure to call my family and friends to make sure they are good and know I love them through rain, sleet or snow. My
love never changes for those who have held me down, so whether it be NY, MIA, H-Town, ATL or the boot that is one thing I keep steady from day to day. Other then that where ever the wind takes me! Haha.

Where can your fans/or people interested in hiring you reach you?

Gmail: [email protected]. If it isn’t Sean Rush or Amina Diop that’s handling my work and inquiries you are NOT speaking to the right agents! So don’t get it confused hit that email.

What’s up next for Summer Walker?

Its funny you asked this because I just witnessed someone going through the storm because they lost a loved one in a bad car crash. So with that said whatever God has in store for me I’m ready for 100%. But you know if anything comes up you will be the first to know 😉

What would you like to leave with your fans or The Hip Hop U-C-IT’sSummer3
readers in this interview?

Stay positive! The industry is going through the storm right now, and its moments like these a lot of people lose faith within it. But we shouldn’t lose faith or give up, these are the moments that are suppose to bring us together to work harder for what we have struggled for to have a voice in this messed up country. So next time you hate, fight orargue about petty mess stop and think if that is actually helping the situation. Is someone disrespecting you? Well take them out of your vicinity. Is someone not wearing what you think they should? Its called diversity get over it! Is someone hating on you? Like Katt Williams says double the number by the summer because you must be doing something right. Stop being lazy, if you want something go out and get it! Want a certain job? Find out what steps to get it because prayer is motivation not a request line. Want to lose weight for the summer? Go to the gym and change your diet! Stop thinking because you eating 3 donuts a week instead of 6 that your six pack is going to just magically appear. Want to be a rapper? Well it takes more than rhyming and simple beats, lets bring back REAL music! Look to the simple things in life for happiness. The sunrises, sunsets and beautiful days. Those are moments that will always reoccur and remain free and breathtaking everytime, this will also make you appreciate those moments God blesses you. Love your neighbor and his differences, you could learn something instead of being negative. The industry could build lasting careers if WE make it that way, its 2008 if we can have a black president we can accomplish ANYTHING.

Thank You for Your Summer.

Thank You Edward!

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