The Original Members of Destiny’s Child To Reunite for a New Song & Tour

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I must say LeToya & LaTavia were always my favorite original members of Destiny’s Child and it looks like they are ready to make a  reunion.  Here is what our sources had to say:

“Mathew is currently in talks with some members of the Destiny’s Child group. LeToya and LaTavia have both been asked back to a reunion that will see them take to the stage for one last song. There is no talks of an album but may release one single and go on tour, much like the reunion of the Spice Girls.

Unfortunately, Farrah is a grey area for the girls. They did not have the best of relationships while she was in the group and Farrah hardly made a mark on the world before she left. Mathew is hoping she will be forgotten and the main members Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle, LaTavia and LeToya will form once more. However, Farrah has not been completely ruled out.

You may have seen LeToya becoming closer with Michelle and Kelly due to the recent talks. She is seen as the link to ensure LaTavia also joins as she has shyed away from the lime light in recent years. LaTavia was supposed to release her memoirs but talks of a reunion have put these on hold so as not to damage any future talks with Music World Ent. (Mathew’s Management Company)

After the release of Kelly’s project, the girls will come together and give the world Destiny’s Child one last time. Beyonce is currently on a break and is plotting away thinking of new ideas and a great mature sound. We will keep you updated on the progress” -DestinyChildRumors

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