Waka Flocka Flame Leads Dr. Jays “Summer Sensations Celeb Campaign”

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DrJays, the leading online retailer of street fashion, presents our fourth annual music campaign—Summer Sensations.

A select group of exciting new artists were chosen to model for DrJays.com in this year’s Summer Sensations initiative, dressed in the most popular brands for the summer 2010 season. The campaign will run across the site from May until August.

Summer Sensations is all about DrJays.com showing direct support for exciting new talent, artists we believe are moving popular music in a positive direction.

The campaign features a great mix of new talent bringing the heat over the summer—acts like Atlantic Records’s dance diva Wynter Gordon, Jive Records soul star K. Michelle, “tropical punk” artist Maluca, pop/soul crossover act Outasight, popular rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Yelawolf, SoBe Entertainment’s pop/R&B talent Phyllisia and Roc Nation’s newest act, Range.

Taken under Gucci Mane’s wing to learn the ropes of the music business, Waka Flocka Flame (born Joaquin Malphurs) surprised himself with how easy he took to rapping.

Self-described as a mix between Eazy-E, Lil Jon and Gucci, Waka’s goal with music is to get people crunk and make girls dance. Sounds simple enough, but it’s a far different goal than what he might have had growing up. Originally from New York, Waka relocated to Riverdale, GA when he was nine years old, over a decade before his professional music career materialized.

“Swear to God, I like drug dealers and basketball players when I was growing up,” Waka says of his childhood role models. “It was either sell drugs or play basketball.” But now an entirely different set of doors has been opened for him, and he feels it’s important to let others experience his life through lyrics. “It’s just a struggle. You gotta make people believe in what you went through in life. You gotta emphasize that and make them feel it, and at the same time make it entertaining.”

With a clear purpose behind his music, Waka is presently working on the double-disc sequel to his debut project. He’s also contributing to the 1017 Brick Squad mixtape, a group consisting of Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka, Wooh the Kid, Frenchie and more.

“We’re like the new N.W.A,” Waka says. And even while comparing his labelmates to the legendary group, Waka explains why he’s doing so well as a solo artist. “I’m in my own lane. I’m rapping my own way, doin’ my own thing. I guess the s*it I say touched so many people that they f*ck with me.”

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