Jay-Z Being Sued By Private Jet Company

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Jay-Z is facing a lawsuit by Air Platinum Holding after he allegedly racked up a $250,000 bill with the private jet company and didn’t pay the full amount.

According to celebrity gossip website, TMZ, Jay-Z used up 55 hours of airtime with the company, but only paid for 37 hours. The legal documents show that after the celebrity discount, one hour of flight time cost approximately $4,500, so the total for remaining 18 hours he hasn’t paid for comes up to $81,000.

In the lawsuit, the company also claims that the New York rapper owes $8,500 for 17 hours of domestic catering, $3,000 for catering on four international flights and $8.500 in international fees. Add to that the $12,285 worth of taxes he failed to pay and the $24,200 cost of a luxury trip the music mogul took to England, and the bill comes to $137,485.00. 

As of yet, no one from Jay’s camp has responded to the lawsuit.

In other news, Jay-Z recently settled a lawsuit with baseball player David OrtizJay filed the suit against Ortiz earlier this year for trademark infringement after realizing the Boston Red Sox slugger had opened at nightclub in the Dominican Republic and named it Forty-Forty. Ortiz sent a lawyer to a court hearing for the civil case and said that he was willing to change the name of his venue and take down a website he was using to promote the club.

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