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Thursday, 22 July 2010 85 Views 0 Comments

During a recent interview, Canadian rapper Drake revealed that he has had to refrain from looking at online blogs because he can’t handle the negative comments that people send his way. If a single person out of the many who heap praise on him says something unflattering the Young Money MC says that he fixates on that one person’s statement.

“I have a problem where if I go read a hundred positive things about me and there’s one guy in there who says, ‘I hate Drake’ that’s the one I pay attention to,” admitting Drake while talking to Paper Magazine. “I think that’s a common problem. Negativity hurts us more than positivity helps us. “

Drizzle also said that he isn’t worried about overexposure because he doesn’t appear in every piece of media that lands online and he is constantly turning down offers.

“Overexposure would be me in every single video, me on Twitter every single day, me…having my hand in all these pots because I feel I’m hot. That’s overexposure.  Overexposure isn’t when people love you too much and are excited. I hate when people confuse the two. I actually say no way more than I say yes to opportunities are presented to me.”

Drake released his debut album, Thank Me Later, earlier this year and the LP sold 450,000 copies in its first week. He is reportedly already hard at work on his sophomore effort, which is tentatively titled Moments.

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