FLICKZ: Esther Baxter Spreads The Oil in Her Latest Photoshoot For a Good Cause

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Voluptuous vixen Esther Baxter knows how to make a little oil go a long way. To show her support for victims of the Gulf oil spill, Joe Budden‘s special lady (along with model friend Sabrina Athena) slicked herself up from head to toe, as her son frolicked around the set. No Johnson & Johnson, here, folks. Just 100% real, glycerol-happy oil.

How did you get involved with the Oil Spill PSA?

Esther Baxter: Well, I was just talking to a friend of mine one day who also models and we felt like we needed to get involved. It just didn’t make sense to us that more wasn’t being done to fix the problem. I mean 70,000 gallons of oil are being spilled out everyday. Plus, not enough people in the industry are aware of it. So we decided to try and help the cause and bring awareness to the problem. No one in the industry has really took the initiative to speak out and help bring attention to the cause, so hopefully more people will catch on and help after this.

You really got down and dirty for the cause…

That’s the whole point of this campaign—we want to show people that we’re really getting involved and doing whatever we have to in order to fix the problem, even if that means getting down and dirty. I don’t see enough people reaching out—I just can’t understand how BP is allowed to get away with it and they’re still selling gas! We’re covering ourselves in oil to show that nobody or nothing can be as beautiful as their full potential when they are covered in this stuff.  I mean we have like a swimsuit thing going on but yeah it’s pretty much just oil. -VIBE

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