Jay-Z – “Free Mason”

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[Verse 2 – Jay-Z]
N-ggas couldn’t do nothing with me
They put the devil on me
I would have preferred if n-gga squeeze the metal on me
Rumors of Lucifer I don’t know who to trust
whole world want my demise turn my music up
Here me clearly, if y’all n-ggas fear me
Just say y’all fear me
F-ck all these fairy tales, go to hell
This is God engineering
This is Hail Mary pass y’all interfering
He without sin shall cast the first stone
So y’all look in the mirror
Double check your appearance
B-tch I said I was amazing
Not that I’m a Mason
It’s amazing that I made it though the maze that I was in
Lord forgive me I never would’ve made it without sin
Holy water my face in the basin
Diamonds in my rosary shows he forgave him
B-tch I’m red hot, I’m on my third six but the devil, I’m not
My Jesus piece flooded but thou shall not covet
Keep your eyes off my cupboard I’m a bad motherf-cker
It’s Hov just say you love it.

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