Rick Ross Speaks on Meeting B.M.F & Larry Hoover Jr. in Chicago

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Ricky Rozay took the time to pay tribute to black gang members Larry Hoover and Big Meech at a recent promotional event for his album Teflon Don, in Chicago

“I want to salute Chicago, before this, I want to salute Mr. Larry Hoover, I want to salute Big Meech” Rick Ro$$ said prior to performing his hit single “B.M.F.” live to thousands of fans.

“I want you to tell Larry, I salute you, we real n***as, tell the streets they can think what the f**k they want,” Rick Ro$$ replied to detractors.

In the chorus of his hit song Rick Ro$$ says “I think I’m Big Meech/Larry Hoover/Whippin’ work/Hallelujah/One nation under God/Real n***as getting money under stars.”

While in Chicago, Ross ran into Larry Hoover Jr., the son of Larry Hoover, the jailed leader of the Gangster Disciples gang he referenced in “B.M.F.”

Rumors swirled that son of the gang leader came to one of Ross’ in-stores to “check” the Don, but those rumors were laid to rest after a picture of the pair embracing surfaced later that night. 

In a recent interview with Coco, Foolish And Chase In The Morning from the Detroit radio station FM 98 WJLB, Ross commented on his status as a “certified gangster” in the streets despite his past as a correctional officer.

“For one, it ain’t about what people think in the streets. That all comes in time. I salute all the G’s that are locked up and no longer here.  As far as dudes in entertainment, that’s exactly what it is,” Rick Ross commented.  “What a lot of people don’t know is that I have extended my hand and you know, I have got caught up in it emotionally and made advances where we take it to the streets and when that’s the case, you stooping to their level.”

Teflon Don, Rick Ross’ forth studio album,  is due out in stores next week.

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory is now 41 years old and is expected to released in December of 2031. He and his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, 39, were convicted in 2008 for running a continuing criminal enterprise.

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