Kim Kardashian Taking Preventative Measures Against Stalker

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Celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian is playing NO games with a man she filed a restraining order against back in February. According to TMZ, Kim and her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley will be speaking with law enforcement officials again over Dennis Shaun Bowman, an alleged stalker who Kim claims has recently ranted about her on Twitter and has sent messages to both her boyfriend Miles Austin and her sister Khloe.

“I will be speaking with law enforcement detectives … to determine whether or not Mr. Bowman’s actions are a violation of the order in place restricting Mr. Bowman’s conduct toward Ms. Kardashian,” Holley said in a statement.

With the restraining order in place, Bowman isn’t supposed to have any contact with Kim directly until 2013. And technically….he hasn’t broken that (yet).

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