Drake’s Mom is Upset About Him & Nicki Minaj Not Really Getting Married

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010 145 Views 0 Comments

Like mother, like son.

Young Money rapper Drake is one funny character…and so is his mom!

In an interview at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday, Drizzy told PEOPLE that his mother actually fell for his Twitter marriage to his label-mate Nicki Minaj.

“My mom was actually like, ‘What happened? How did you elope?. But we were just joking around. I never thought it would get so out of hand.”

But she isn’t the only one to take the joke a little too seriously….which according to Drake, many people still think is real.

“People still think it’s real. I’ll look at a girl, and she’ll be like, ‘You’re a married man. You shouldn’t look at me that way.’ “

Tell a few people you’re married, everyone listens. Tell everyone you’re not REALLY married, only a few listen. That’s just the way it is, SMH…

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