MC Hammer Releases Trailer To Jay-Z Diss [VIDEO]

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MC Hammer recently released a trailer to his forthcoming Jay-Z diss. The rapper-turned-preacher has been threatening to unleash all of his fury against the Brooklyn MC since Jay mentioned him and his past financial failure on the Kanye track So Appalled and apparently, for better or worse, he has every intention of delivering on his promise.

Announcing his upcoming project early Tuesday, Hammer tweeted, “Now let me focus on checkin’ this dude who thinks he can’t be checked…Money lied to him.  #KingHammer,” before releasing the link to his YouTube account a couple of hours later.

The diss, which will seemingly highlight the Mason rumors that have followed Jay, will not be released until Halloween (October 31). But in the meantime, fans and curious bystanders, are treated to Better Run Run. The short clip flits between shots of a hell-ish looking creature breathing heavily (remember the 90’s rapper referred to Jay as “hell boy” during his Twitter rant) and Hammer seemingly walking towards said animal.

If you weren’t sure if this beef was real before seeing the video, after watching it you will be no less confused. This is either one of the craziest, most unexplainable, seemingly one-sided beefs ever or one of the better played hoaxes.

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