Miami Police Department Paint Jay-Z As a Gang Member [Miami PD Respond]

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“Every step you take, they remind you ghetto” -Jay-Z

In effort to curb Miami’s gang activity, local authorities created this banner using Jay-Z’s likeness. The depiction uses two press photos from Jay-Z’s Blueprint run nine years ago.

Miami Police Department Responds:

The Miami Police Department has issued a statement regarding an offensive anti-gang PSA banner advertisement that was posted on the department’s official website yesterday (October 7th).

Jay-Z, who along with his wife Beyonce Knowles, are two of the most recognizable stars on the planet.

The Miami Police’s website still featured Jay-Z in an advertisement with two sketches taken from past publicity shots, with the caption: “REPORT GANG ACTIVITY.”

“It was something that was inadvertently done,” Miami Police Department’s Officer Kenia Reyes told EW. ”It was a mistake.”

Reyes blamed the ad on a mistake attributed to the Miami Police Department’s computer department.

Jay-Z, who was recently profiled in Forbes with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, declined to comment.

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