Lil Wayne Gives a Woman The Gift Of Freedom [VIDEO]

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Lil Wayne helped change one fan’s life with his thoughtful gift. While behind bars, Ronda Austin wrote encouraging letters to the rapper, telling him about her mother, Evelyn Austin, who had an accident and fell out of her wheelchair. She was confined to her bed for almost two years. But thanks to Weezy’s gift of a motorized wheelchair, she is now mobile.

“I didn’t know Wayne before now, but I do know him now and I thank him, I really thank him,” said a grateful Evelyn. “He didn’t even know me and he got me a chair. I pray and ask God to bless him.”

Her story touched Weezy, who wanted to do what he could to make a difference. “When you hear the Southwest Airlines tagline ‘You’re now free to move about the country’ the one time that you could really appreciate it, is if you were to loose that freedom,” he wrote.

“I came to know about Evelyn through a series of letters that her Daughter Ronda Austin had written me while I was incarcerated. This is their story. God Bless Austin Family.”

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