Teyana Taylor Being Investigated For Possible Assault

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011 27 Views 0 Comments

Teyana Taylor has been named as a suspect in a girl-on-girl fight that erupted after another female made remarks about Chris Brown.

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ that the 20-year-old singer was at a Burbank recording studio on Saturday night when another woman said something about Teyana’s friend Brown that set her off.

The one-time “My Super Sweet 16” star allegedly got upset and punched the other girl in the face several times, knocking her to the ground. She then proceeded to kick her in the stomach and head with her boots. The victim was left with scrapes and swelling on her face.

By the time police were called, Teyana had already left the scene. Officers are still investigating the incident and are interested in speaking with Teyana, but no charges have been filed against her at this time.

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