Movie Trailer: “Final Destination 5″ [VIDEO]

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Summer is almost here, and you know what that means: bigger, more exciting movies. Final Destination 5 is one of the last horror movies to arrive in theatres this summer, but it could also very well be the most anticipated. The first trailer was leaked online earlier this week but soon taken down. It officially premiered yesterday on G4‘s Attack of the Show, giving full leeway for the countdown to begin.

The movie, like the four before it, focuses on a character who has a seemingly spontaneous vision of a major disaster moments before it occurs. This time, it’s a suspension bridge collapse. From the way the other films have played out, we can assume our hero this time around will save a handful of his friends and a few others and everyone else on the bridge will die, leaving the few survivors to be killed off one by one in the most bizarre ways imaginable. The deaths get more and more outlandish as the series goes on; one of the personal favorites of many fans is the infamous tanning bed scene from Final Destination 3. As if people needed another reason to stay away from tanning beds.

The movies are formulaic. Only the characters, details of the accident, and ways of death change. Yet in the same sense as Scream 4, it’s simultaneously easy and fun to point out which character will die next and how. Will Final Destination 5 a substantial, thought-provoking movie? Probably not. Will yours truly be shelling out a ridiculous amount of money to watch graphic, 3D deaths opening night? Absolutely.

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