Toni Braxton is in Fear For Her Life?

The beautiful singer turned “Reality Star” Toni Braxton’s life may be in danger. One of the promoter’s of her upcoming show in Trinidad has asked Toni to pull out of her Mother’s Day show because of threats made against his life. My new homie Tamar explained to me that Toni not only fears for her life, but also she doesn’t want to be mixed up in the cross fire between the promoters.

The singer who has made headlines for financial trouble makes most of her money from performing out of the country. Toni is so in fear that she has pulled out of the show and forfeited her check. While talking to Tamar I could hear Toni saying “I have kids, I don’t play that.” Right now Toni can be seen on her reality show Braxton Family Values on WE TV. -Freddy-O

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