“Together Apart” Presents – Know Good Dads: Daddy’s’Little Girls, Child Support & Baby Mama Drama [VIDEO]

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Together Apart  in association with Real Dads Network, DonnaDivine, Single Black Male, Healing Truth Center and The For Fathers Project  present KNOW GOOD DADS: Daddy’s’Little Girls, Child Support & Baby Mama Drama A Convo about Father + Relationships. Join us for a dynamic convo about fatherhood, from its challenges and triumphs to its impact on all of our personal relationships. This event is aimed at creating more positivity around being a loving, present and successful father. Many useful resources and tools will be shared.

Saturday June 4th, 2011 

7:00 – 9:00pm 

(doors open at 6:30 pm) 

The Open Center  

22 East 30th Street 

(between 5th & Madison)EE ADMISSION

Hosted By: 

Chris Kazi Rolle + Jenelle Simone 


Alicia Crowe  (Author “Real Dads Stand up” and Custody & Child Support Lawyer)
David Miller (Author “Raisng Him Alone” & Single Mother Advocate)
Bill Stephney (National Fatherhood Activist and former president of Def-Jam)

Cocoa Sarai (106 + Park) 

Shanelle Gabriel (Def Poetry Jam) 

Javier Sanchez (Author & Poet)


How do you think fathers, or lack there of, positively and negatively affect our relationships? Give both sides.

How does a woman or man know when if he/she has father issues that are impacting their present relationships?

Do women who grow up with their fathers treat their men different than women who don’t? Why or Why not? 

Do men who grow up with their fathers treat their women different than men who don’t? Why or Why not?

How do single moms raise little boys to be good fathers?

What resources are available to single mothers?


What are the pros and cons of going through the courts to handle disputes, custody and child support?

When the relationship fails between men and women are the courts the best way to make sure a man stay committed to this fatherly duties?

How does a father get custody of his child when the mother is unfit to parent? 

How does a father get visitation rights when the mother is preventing the father from seeing the child?

What should every know father know when dealing with family court?

How can we take the fear out of family court?


How does a father co-parent with a woman they find to be difficult to deal with?

What is baby mama drama? 

What are some ways to deal with baby mama drama?

How does a father determine whether he is the cause of the drama with his child’s mother?  

Why do some women use their children’s father as ATMs? AND how does a father help her shift her perception?

When romantic relationship fails between couples why do some women use the kids to fight against the father? 

What are the risks of putting the children in the middle of a dispute? 

ROUND 4: “Ask The Experts” 

Open Floor/Audience Questions

More info at: http://knowgooddads.eventbrite.com/

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