Editorial: 16-Year Old Girl Goes To Jail For Killing Rival Gang Member

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By Kirsten West Savali

We’ve all heard the story.

Black teen joins gang. Gang insists that teen kill someone to prove his loyalty to the gang. Teen follows instructions. Teen is arrested for murder.

It’s a tragedy that African-Americans have sadly become familiar with, as devastating statistics on Black-on-Black crime explodes and blankets our communities on a daily basis; but this time, the story has a twist.

The cold-blooded killer is a girl.

To prove her loyalty to her new crew, Brooklyn’s Wave Gang, Sahiah Davis, 16 (pictured above in pink), was ordered to kill a member of her former gang, Hood Starz. On April 25th at around 11 p.m., stalking the streets in the dead of night in search of a victim, Davis spotted Nathaniel Walcott, 16, riding a bicycle on Bristol Street in Brooklyn.

With all the cowardice that defines gun violence, Davis shot Walcott in the back and left him in a pool of blood near a park in Brownsville.

“They wanted her to do this to show that she’s down with them,” said anonymous police sources.

The tenth-grader is being held without bail on murder and gun possession charges.

Though she admitted to police that she shot Walcott, her parents insist that it was a forced confession and that Davis is a “sweetheart”.

“That’s a lie,” her mother, Kiwana Kearse, 40, said of the alleged confession. “They made her say that.”

This is not Davis’s first run in with the law. On July 23, she was at the scene of the murder of Riley, Marlon, 21, in Brownsville. After being questioned by police, she was released. No one has been charged with the crime.

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