Big Meech Upset Over “Black Mafia Family Wives”

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Sunday, 08 January 2012 78 Views 0 Comments

“Former Detroit Cocaine Lord “Big Meech” (who will be incarcerated until December 16, 2031) is speaking out about the upcoming “Black Mafia Family Wives” reality show and he is not happy! Find out what message he sent the ladies…..from behind bars.

We all know that sometimes when a brother is on lockdown, he sends a message through his momma. And Big Meech is no different. When the former drug boss got word that there was going to be a reality show based on the women of men who ran his Black Mafia Family drug organization….he had a few choice words.

Lady Flen aka RealBigMeechMom (Lucille Flenory) relayed the message from her son that none of the women on that show are the first ladies of anything!  She says they are fame hungry and trying to use the crime family to get their 15 minutes of fame.

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