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Like any new team, the new girl group AshleYYY is working on their craft and finding their strengths and weaknesses in their debut album Team AshleYYY. Ashley M, Ashley B, and Ashley V.  contribute to their album by writing singing and rapping but through it all they come out as a team that simply has the potential to win. In an industry that is currently without a girl group, these three ladies have the opportunity to do what no one else is  doing in music right now, but first they must find their voice and identify with their audience. In an upbeat  introduction AshleYYY sings

“singing,dancing,writing, rapping/ yeah i’m finally in my mode.”

The question is what  mode is that? The talent and potential of the group is undeniable but the presentation appears to be a bit scattered.  Including upbeat songs and slow paced vocals the album has a nice balance of both but the ladies find their niche on two slow-paced tracks “I’m done” and “Stutter.” Displaying their vocal ability the best songs on the CD demonstrate  their star quality when the ladies only sing. The industry has seen a lot of singers turn to songwriters and change  the flow of their music to be reminiscent of rapping but for these ladies who are still finding their voice, singing  seems to be a strength that will break down more barriers than any of their other developing talents. 

The album goes on to show a search for identity as the songs experiment with beats and sound. “What you got” is another hit in which the girls are singing to a rhiannaesque beat. The track again demonstrates vocal talent and also the groups versatility. 

AshleYYY’s experimentation with so many different sounds creates a song on the album for everyone. The songs that make an impact and the numerous hits show the potential that these ladies have, suggesting that once they hone their craft, the industry will be announcing a victory for #TeamAshleYYY.  – Stephanie Stock — Contributing Writer For HHUCIT.

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