Lil Wayne Has Officially Resigned To Cash Money Records

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Lil Wayne is YMCMB for life. The New Orleans rapper has resigned to his label of 15 years and is readying his next project, I Am Not a Human Being II.

The follow-up to 2010’s I Am Not a Human Being is due later this year. “The I Am Not a Human Being projects is more me just being creatively free,” Weezy told Amanda Seales during an interview on “MTV’s Hip Hop POV.”

“I just say what I wanna on the I Am Not a Human Being II. Contract-wise, I only get paid for 12 songs. Maybe on a Carter album, you probably only gonna get 12 songs, maybe a bonus 13. But on this I Am Not a Human Being thing, I really don’t care—’cause thank God I’m wealthy enough to not—you’re probably gonna get about 16 on there.”

As previously reported, he is also working on the Devol album (“Loved” spelled backwards), consisting of his version of love songs that he wrote in prison.

“For some reason when I was locked up, all I could think about was women the whole time,” he said. “I was also thinking about a woman like truck that trick. All these emotions came out on this Devol project that I was doing, so we’re gonna pick some of the songs off the Devol project and hopefully people like them.”

The loyal MC just re-inked with Cash Money Records.

 “I just resigned with Cash Money,” he announced. “I just resigned another four-album deal, so my next four albums is coming out with Cash Money.”

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