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*SUNDAY, JUNE 10TH, 2012*

AshleYYY (Singer, Songwriter, Dancer), and her team will be having a CASTING CALL for background singers & dancers. There will be 2 sessions. You will only need to attend ONE.

Where: Project One Studios 2402 W. Lisbon Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53205
Session 1: 2-4 PM
Session 2: 7-9 PM
Attire: Show us your style and how you would look in a performance!

What are we looking for?

Talented people who are PASSIONATE about their craft, shows DEDICATION and PROFESSIONALISM at all times. We want those who are ready to build strong professional relationships, keeps open communication; will be committed to practicing, attending rehearsals & performances because they WANT to be there. Must be good with physical health and take care of your body- remember we are athletes!

*Rehearsals will be in Milwaukee.  Most shows/events will be in Milwaukee & Chicago, but may be outside of these cities as well. Must be willing to travel with us!

*Must be 18 or older to audition.

BACKGROUND SINGERS – Looking for at least 3 background singers who have a LOVE for it! Shows SKILL, confidence, personality, works well with others, has a basic understanding of harmonizing, can learn quickly, remember multiple songs at a time, and can move a little while singing! Must be flexible with possible changes/song choices depending on each show.

*Please have at least 2 songs prepared to sing acapella (Make sure your songs are somewhat different in style so we can see just how versatile you are! :)

BACKGROUND DANCERS – Looking for 6-8 background dancers who have a love for dance! Shows SKILL, confidence, personality, and energy on stage! Can learn choreography quickly, works well with others, and can do multiple styles of dance. Must be flexible with choreo. changes depending on each show. Learn choreo in video below:

*Please have the “Hiccup” choreo learned by the audition date [View the tutorial to learn the choreo (less than 30sec)] ALSO, be prepared to freestyle so we can see how YOU move!

Message From AshleYYY:

*We want people who love to perform, are open minded, flexible, and want to grow as performers! [As well as people we don’t have to chase down! lol] Do you want to be apart of the team and perform with AshleYYY? If so, come out to the auditions ready to wow us! Singers- have your songs ready! Dancers- have the choreo down & be prepared to freestyle! EVERYBODY- BE CONFIDENT! BE YOU! And ya’ll better WERK!! 😉

Questions or concerns? Contact Edward Griffin at 414.208.4694 email [email protected]  or bring your questions to the audition! Hope to see you there!

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