CW’s New Series “LA Complex” Features a Gay Relationship in Hip Hop [VIDEO]

The new hit show on the CW is LA Complex. The show features a variety of young actors, musicians, and models, living in LA for awaiting their big break. The producers of the show, also created “Degrassi” which was a modern day version of the 80′s PBS Special ” Degrassi Junior High” . The fame series featured rapper Drake as a wheel chair handicap student.

The ironic element in this series is that one of the characters “Tariq” is a music intern, whom produces his own music. He is also in a “down low” relationship with a famous rapper on his label. Tariq is played by Jamaican born actor Benjamin Charles Watson, whom moved to Canada at age 10. The role of hip-hop star Kaldrick King is played by Andra Fuller.

Ben stated to

”It’s vital to show people [this kind of relationship],” Ben says. “No one wants to talk about … being gay in the hip-hop industry. It’s a big no-no if you’re black, and it’s a big no-no if you’re in hip-hop. It’s huge, but there are so many other issues out there that I think this should be such a tiny issue, yet everyone is hiding from it. I think it’s stupid that people are hiding.”

This should shed some light on some of rumored hip-hop artist, whom live a double life . The irony of the story line, is that the producers of Degrassi , brought this subject matter to the fore front.

Here’ a scene from the show LA Complex.. (LA Complex airs Tuesday nights 9pm on CW)

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