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HHUCIT presents the U-C-IT TV Weekly Wrap Up. The U-C-IT TV Weekly Wrap Up will highlight the latest news in the world of entertainment. We plan to bring to you entertainment news and interviews that are cutting edge, youthful and exciting.

The CEO and Editor in Chief of Hip Hop U-C-IT, LLC. Edward Griffin explains the need for the weekly webisodes where everyone wants their infotainment immediately,

“In our 6 years of publishing entertainment news, we’ve found that people love that our news here on HIPHOPUCIT.com is always current, up to date and on time when they need it. The fact of the matter is that people want their news quick and without having to read full articles to get it. The Weekly Wrap Up will allow people to get their infotainment in the video form where the latest entertainment news topics are discussed. You will find Stephanie and Wayman talking entertainment news the same way you talk about the news in the comfort of your own home with family, or in the same way you debate the news with your friends.”

The U-C-IT TV Weekly Wrap Up will introduce you to Stephanie Stock and Wayman Newman as your hosts. Both having backgrounds in Modeling and Acting, you will have an opportunity to see them bring their love for pop culture to the forefront through the Weekly Wrap Up’s.

Stephanie Stock talks about what you can expect from the show,

“It’s more than entertainment news, it’s fun and Hip Hop…It’s Brown Sugar meets E! News…Never a dull moment with us.”

Wayman Newman explains what they will bring to the show,

“Fun, energy, our love for the culture of music and entertainment.”

What you can expect from watching the U-C-IT TV Weekly Wrap Up is two people having fun while making sure to bring you the latest in entertainment news, music and pop culture that you’re accustomed to from HIPHOPUCIT.com.

The U-C-IT TV Weekly Wrap Up is scheduled to air here on HIPHOPUCIT.com every Monday, be sure to tune in.

Follow Stephanie & Wayman on Twitter:

Stephanie: http://www.Twitter.com/XOXOStephStock
Wayman: http://www.Twitter.com/Way2Diddy

Photo Credit: Edward Griffin © HHUCIT 2012

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