Joseline Hernandez From “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” Beaten & Bloodied in Attack [VIDEO]

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Right after the latest episode of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” aired Monday night (Jul 2), Joseline Hernandez, the controversial star of the new VH1 reality show, was randomly attacked by a woman at an Atlanta nightclub.

Details right now are pretty sketchy, but various Atlanta bloggers say that a woman approached Joseline at a nightclub where the former stripper and aspiring singer was hosting a viewing party for LHHA, and boldly questioned her about allegedly having an abortion.

In recent episodes, Hernandez, portrayed as a mistress on the seemingly scripted reality series, claimed to be pregnant by her “MAN”-ager, producer Stevie J, who is already in a “relationship” with his baby mama Mimi Faust, but messes around with Joseline, his artist, on the side from time to time. (But that’s another story, for another time, in a totally different post).

Joseline, who has been battling ongoing speculation about whether or not she’s really a woman, reportedly brushed the lady off when when she asked her about aborting her love child with Stevie J … and in response to being ignored, the unidentified woman hit Joseline right in the face, which caused a big fight between Joseline’s people and her people.

Here’s how it all went down, according to the homie FreddyO:

Although I did not get to talk to Joseline, I was told that she was hurt badly and blood was running down her face as she got into a car. The woman who hit her told me, “This is some bull … I am so tired of telling people what happened!”

“My friend asked Joseline, ‘Why would you get rid of the baby…’ She then brushed my friend off (the chick was every NYC hood type) so my friend hit her. I mean, you can’t just brush people off in the club and think it’s cool. Now she’s telling people that my friend hit her with a bottle and that’s not true.”

After speaking with the friend’s alleged attacker, I asked one of the other people who broke up the fight what happened. She said, “It was crazy; things just got popping and it looked like Joseline was scratched in the face, but the club was dark so it was hard to see.”

But ATLien from StraightFromTheA — who, by the way, is totally unconvinced that Joseline is a real woman — has a slightly different story. According to her version of events, when the woman asked Joseline about the alleged abortion, Joseline pushed her, and received a “beat down” in response.

Word is… Joeseph Joseline wasn’t expecting to face the wrath of an angry fan and when she swung it was ALL OVER!

Stevie J and Benzino eventually came to his her aid and reports are that a few DUDES fought the girl who started the altercation.

Someone sent over a video of the girl as she is phoning the cops and someone who looks like Benzino hops in the back of a black sedan and drives off. (below)

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