*NSFW* Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez’ Solo Sex Tape [VIDEO]

Joseline Hernandez of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta just wants to keep herself in the news. The reality TV star and aspiring rapper, who is dating her co-star Stevie J, apparently has more tricks up her sleeve than just nude photos.

Joseline is rumored to be the star of a sex tape. However, she seemed to want the spotlight all for herself as the tape features her and no one else. It’s easy to figure out what she’s doing to make it x-rated without mentioning it here.

It’s not clear who leaked the tape — which is said to have been filmed before she became famous on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta — but it wouldn’t be surprising if Joseline released it herself to keep herself relevant and interesting.

It’s sad when celebs have to resort to selling themselves in sex tapes in order to keep the attention of the public. It’s happened time and again and with the exception of Kim Kardashian, most celebs don’t get the publicity and fame they wanted out of it.

Have you seen the Joseline Hernandez sex tape? Do you want to?

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